Welcome to the Chef Town Wiki

Chef Town is a wiki that any registered user may edit!

This wiki was created and is being maintained by fans of the game. It is not associated with Nanobit.

There are a lot of changes coming so check back soon!

Community Help Needed

Greetings! I am currently in the process of updating the wiki to have the most current information. I am still working on getting the recipes and templates a be a bit easier to edit. However, in the meantime, I have discovered that there are some missing images. If anyone has some clean images of newer recipes, appliances, or items. please upload them and I will use them if I can. :)


Global Event

Gather around, chefs! It's time to serve some delicious Hamburgers! Join us in this weeks event by preparing all the Hamburgers you can and take your chance to win spectacular prizes!

Prizes include:

Rank Reward
1 - 10 75 gems
11 - 500 10 gems
501+ 3 gems

Additional prizes are awarded as personal goals are achieved.


Join the Chat>

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